Commission F.A.Q.

Can I pay you half then give you the rest after you're done? or Can I pay you after you're done instead?
I'm sorry, but no. This policy doesn't change. The Due Date Refund Guarantee is how I cover my bases with the full deposit. I assure you, the deposit isn't touched until the piece is in on-time and I know you're happy with it. The deposit you give me only stands as an insurance to the seriousness of your commissioning me and my guarantee that it will be done on time. I am very sorry if this detours you from using my services.

I don't have enough money for what I want, what I do?
That happens sometimes. You may want a commission with full color and background but cannot afford it. So it can be a gradual thing. Pay for what you can afford and over time you can pay for more to be done to it. The piece is always on standby in case of renovations of this nature. Kind of like investing in a picture...

Do you run any discounts?
Sometimes I run sales and discounts. And I make announcements about them so keep a look out for that. But when I don't have sales and discounts, I can negotiate with you to cut back on some things in the picture to save money. For example: coloring the people but not the background or obscuring someone to make it count as a Half Body and not a Full Body. Something like that. I'm very flexible.

Will I receive a glossy copy of my commission in the mail?
Not without a request to do so. Customarily you receive your commission's image file [8.5in x 11in resolution at the most] to do with what you will, incase you want to print it out or what have you. But if you would like to receive a glossy in the mail it will cost you $6.00 in shipping and handling.

Can I receive the original in the mail?
To get the original torn from my sketchbook will cost $20. Usually as a rule I don't rip pages from my sketchbook. So the fee more or less covers a hi-res replacement of the piece along with shipping and handling.

Can I have a Poster Sized picture?
That will have to be arranged well before I start your commission because the bigger the image the bigger I must make the resolution.

I don't have Paypal, how do I pay you?
I'm working on getting my own merchant account for use with credit cards and checks and such. But for now, I know that paypal is easy and free to get and does not require you to be a verified user to make transactions.

But this character in the drawing technically should count as a Half Body (and some such questions), what about my money?
I will always be up front with you with such a thing that this question will never need to be asked. If I feel you may have paid for more then what I did I will only take from the payment what I've done and give you the rest with your finished commission.

If you create a Black and White drawing, would it be alright if I colored it in myself?
If I create a Black and White drawing for you, you are more then welcome to color it in yourself. After all, it is yours to do with as you please. If I created a Black and White drawing for someone else and you wish to color it in, its up to the person whom the drawing belongs to to give you the permission to color in the work they purchased.

Do you accept tips?
Tips are nice... I won't say no. But you will make me blush... just gunna warn you....

Pixel Commission F.A.Q.

Any base I make in order to create your commission will be made available to the public for use in the dolling community. There is no exception to this rule.

My work is more related with dolling rather then isometrics. So if you're looking for an isometric scene, you should probably search elsewhere...

Animations aren't my specialty, I'm sorry. If you insist upon animation, it'll cost extra.

Same rules apply as far as commission details. The more info, the merrier. Refs gladly excepted but not mandatory.

All pixel commissions (with exception to icons) are assumed to be full body unless otherwise stated.

Size is determined by the height of character in pixels, be it standing up or laying down. The width (within reason) will not effect the size

Pixel commissions won't be printed and shipped out. Sorry, they are too small for that.

All pixel work is fully colored (or b/w, your preference). There is no additional fee for color and shade.

"Props" are something that is not apart of the character design such as chairs, tables, window, etc. Weapons and eccentric character designs are not props, they are character attributes.

Payment is expected up front through Paypal before it's to be worked on. My commissions get due dates (or due months, rather). If you don't receive your piece before the passing of the due date you get refunded.

If you have any other questions that I have not answered here, please contact me, and I'll answer them. Thank you!
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